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Nikolay Davydenko, Tennis Masters Cup, Novmber 11, 2008

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November 11, 2008

Nikolay Davydenko


N. DJOKOVIC/N. Davydenko
7-6, 0-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was a very close match. Could you have done something differently in the end?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Yeah, just say I make some mistake by 5-All, and he break me. Just I think was, uhm, for me unlucky point by volley. Should be finish volley and then be 6-5 for me, but I didn't make it.
Then after my serve, two mistake from forehand and that's it, I lost my serve. Djokovic try concentration, serve, and winning match.

Q. You were saying the other day about how you're trying to stay the same for the whole match, not be nervous. How did you do with that today? Looked like you had a good time with a few points, showing more positive emotion on the court. Did you feel like you were having a good time today?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Yeah, losing match, no (laughter). But normally, yes. I was all match just try to be the same person - not like Djokovic. Really, I was surprising. He play so good first set, and then like I never see. Just make only mistake, losing 6-Love.
But I know he's coming back. That's was in the third set he try play the same, play very well, and made good serve.
I think for me was I play very well today, but only thing make not so good return today. That's was maybe this is point I losing match.

Q. Do you think Novak's form is good enough to win the whole thing? And also, please comment on your next opponent, also.
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Yeah, Djokovic interesting player, because like I say, play very well first set, and he play also the same. Like we have the same tennis. He play fast. For me was difficult to control the ball.
Yes, but you never know what's happen. Like if you see in second set he losing 6-Love, and then he just concentration. He's come back. If he play like first set, he can play good, you know, and he can win Masters here.
But for the next match for me, say it's like last match. It's important. If I win, I can qualify. If losing, not. You know, then I go on holiday.
But, uhm, yeah, next player is different. Play also baseline, Del Potro. I see today match. He play very good baseline, but a little bit slow, not like Djokovic. Good serve, but maybe I have more chance make good rally from baseline and maybe play faster.

Q. The match against Del Potro will be like a quarterfinal. Does it feel different from a regular quarterfinal because you have already lost a match?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Maybe. Maybe. Because it's your last chance, you know, coming to like now. It's like, I don't know, it's different. It's different quarterfinal in normal tournament and Masters because it's different feeling. Because now you know it's your last chance. If you win, you're qualified. Not, bad luck.
But I try, you know, to be not nervous in the third match. I want to be like today, play good. If be lucky, winning match.

Q. The match that you played in Buenos Aires, is it a factor here, the Davis Cup match?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: No, no, it's completely different. Different surface. Different ball. Different crowd. That's was every week is different. I don't think it's something my mind be in Davis Cup.

Q. In the early stages of the second set, did you think Novak was maybe time wasting a little bit?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: I don't know what he did in the second set, really. I was surprising myself, because in beginning second set play okay. But then losing one serve, he start to try to broke racquet, make only mistake.
That's was I start to make so many points, winning points easy. And, yeah, I surprising. But then I know now coming third set, and start from zero, starting again like first set.
But Djokovic, yeah, I don't know. If he start to being nervous, he losing games and points. But if he concentration in match, he play very good.

Q. You already had against Tsonga a set point in the first set, with a backhand volley that was not very difficult, but you missed it. Is it very frustrating with these backhand volleys?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: No. I already forget this volley because I never make good volley in my tennis. It can disappoint maybe Federer, you know, he makes like this mistake.
But me, what I can do? If I play always from baseline, if I did great volley, I think, wow, surprising myself how I did.
It's normal for me, I think.

Q. Last year when you came to Shanghai you were surrounded by negative news. I remember in the round table so many journalists wanted to talk with you. This year you cleared your name. Which would you more prefer?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: So difficult question. I didn't understand any words.
What's happening last year I think was big mistake, you know, from this happening in the tour, because after this never happen again with anyone. And before also not.
That's was I don't think so something in tennis, really have some problem, you know, with gambling. I think tennis is still clear by every tennis player because you see it's all year tough to try investigating everyone, every player. It's not only me.
It's good result, and I hope in the future be the same.

Q. Did you decide your schedule before the Australian Open next year, what tournaments you're going to play, if anything?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Yeah. I go to Chennai, to India, my second experience by India. You know, some player tell don't drink water, something to do, really scare me. Normally I was already there. I know what I need to do there. Just important win tournament, I think.
Then, yeah, from Chennai coming to Melbourne. Maybe play Abu Dahbi exhibition before Chennai.

Q. So you're happy maintaining your world ranking between 4 and 6. What would be the major challenge to become the top three player. You haven't won a Grand Slam yet. When is the time for you to win a Grand Slam?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Yeah, what I can say? Beat No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 to be top three player. That's it.
Winning Grand Slam tournament, because every result by Masters Series, by Grand Slam. If you do better, have you more points and you have better ranking.
It's very important for the next year from beginning of Australian Open make good result.

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