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Flavia Pennetta, Medibank International, January 11, 2010


January 11, 2010

Flavia Pennetta


6-3, 6-1

Q. Flavia, just take us through the match.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I'm really happy. You know, she's a very good player. Difficult to play when somebody play home. You know, all the crowd is for her.
I was a little bit nervous in the beginning, but she also was nervous. I think she didn't felt so well today. She was feeling too much the pressure, and I just take the chance all the time she give to me.

Q. Obviously coming off of a finals appearance in Auckland, how do you feel your form is at the moment?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I'm a little bit tired actually now. But it's normal. I just arrived yesterday in the afternoon. Strange time, the weather is different, so you need time to just get used to.
Actually, I have to play doubles now and I have to be ready for tomorrow for play another match.

Q. And just quickly, what do you feel worked particularly well for you today?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Well, I think my return was very good. And all the time she was feeling so much pressure when she has to serve because my return was so good.
I think normally she play with more first service, and today it doesn't work a lot. Also, I was moving pretty good today and my forehand was good. Everything was in a good position today.



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