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Marcos Baghdatis, Medibank International, January 11, 2010


January 11, 2010

Marcos Baghdatis


6-3, 7-5

Q. When you saw the draw you didn't know who he was. How did you prepare?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Just played my game, and that's what I tried to do today. I didn't play that good. I mean, I didn't serve very well. Had a low percentage on first serve. Wasn't feeling too good on the serve, but felt good at the baseline. Played some good points, moving well.
Got a match one hour 15 in the heat, which that's good, so I'm -- there are a lot of positive things out of this match and some negative. I'll work on the negative ones and keep the positive ones.

Q. What are your impressions of him as a player?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: He's playing very good. I don't know how old he is, maybe 21.

Q. Yeah. For an Australian, they tend to mature a little later.
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yeah, he can play pretty good. I think he has a lot work to do. If he does the work, I think he can play pretty good.

Q. Was there anything about his game that troubled you?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Not really, no. I was pretty solid from the baseline. Didn't give him a chance to do anything.
Maybe in the second set I got broken, but it's because I let my level a bit lower, so that's why.
Yeah, that's all.

Q. What have you been doing on the off-season in terms preparing for this season?

Q. Normal things? Nothing different?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: No, nothing different. Just working hard and trying to -- it's nice, you know, it's been now six months that I'm out of injuries. So touch wood. I want to keep it that way.
It's nice to be back and work every day without feeling any pains. That's pretty positive.

Q. And what did you do? How are you managing yourself differently to avoid injury?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: I have a physio with me 24 hours, seven days a week. (Laughter.) Basically that's all. I work a lot on my body. I take care of my body more than before, and basically that's all.

Q. Because you're getting older?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Me, no, but my body is getting old. (Laughter.) I'm still young in the head.

Q. You always get a lot of support when you're out here. Did you feel that out here today?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yeah, I was playing against an Aussie, so...
But the crowd was great. I always love coming here. I'm looking forward for my next match.

Q. Gel Monfils withdrew today with a shoulder injury. I guess that opens up the draw a little more. There's an opportunity to get some good matches in this week.
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: Yeah, for sure. But to tell you the truth, I didn't see the draw. I don't know if he's on my side or not. I don't have an idea.
The only thing I know is I saw after the match that my next opponent is Serra and Troicki, so I'll focus on that. I don't want to think about winning the tournament yet. I want to play matches, win all the matches I can. That's my objective.

Q. So what would be the ideal preparation for you in week in terms of how many matches is the best preparation?
MARCOS BAGHDATIS: I would like to win this tournament, and that's all. Try to win every match I play, and that's all. I'm not thinking of Melbourne yet. For sure when I practice, I'm practicing on many different things more relaxed.
But for the moment, most important thing is my next match, and I'll think about that for the moment.


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