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Murray Promotes Tennis to Check Playersí Hearts





March 27, 2012



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Andy Murray has been affected by the heart-scare drama which rocked the English Premier League soccer at the weekend when a well-known player, Fabrice Muamba, went down on field with a coronary problem which nearly cost him his life.

Only prompt intervention - two cardiac specialists came down from the stands - prevented a tragedy on the pitch. And Murray thinks that tennis needs to be aware of the danger which could strike even young, fit athletes like the 23-year-old footballer, now resting in a hospital

ďI was actually watching the game when it happened and I was head in hands,Ē Murray told the MSN Sport website. "You just canít believe it. Itís an amazing fight from him and hopefully heís going to make a safe recovery."

The No. 4 Scot has called for heart checks on players. "It should be something thatís just done. Itís time in almost all sports everybody should have screenings before they can compete.

ďThis has happened too many times. Here in the States itís happened in high school and college basketball games and, of course, itís happened a few times in football," he said at the Miami Masters.

"With all the pressure and stress of modern sport you have no idea how much you are pushing yourself on the pitch or court, I think itís something thatís just got to be done.Ē

Murray says that he already has tests done on himself. "Iíve been doing it for three years now so I have heart scans, heart monitors and other tests. I started when these things seemed to be happening more often.

"But itís not something thatís done within tennis. But I just think it should be. Everyone should have a medical or a check-up before youíre allowed to compete because itís such a horrible thing for people to witness."


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