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Players are Aware of Difference in Balls at Different Events





March 31, 2012



2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Maria Sharapova noted that every ball reacts differently in various types of weather, and also that equipment plays a part in how balls come off a player's strings.

"I think it all depends on the conditions in which you're playing with them," she said. "It just varies depending on if you're in dry conditions and humid conditions, if it's cold or warm outside.

I think all of them are fine.  We're pretty capable of adjusting to whatever we have to play with.  There was an issue with one ball a few years ago of it being too heavy, but that hasn't been obviously when the conditions are cold and wet and heavy the ball gets a lot heavier. 

It's a little bit tougher to play, especially the European season you get those droughts of cold weather on the clay and the ball seems extremely heavy, but here I don't think we've ever really faced that problem."

Novak Djokovic brought up the same issue that the male players were discussing last spring heading into Roland Garros when they felt that the balls were changed too frequently and they could not adjust to them.

"That's something we have been discussing a lot, between the players," he said. "We believe that it would be better for us, for our health actually, to have same balls played, prior to each Grand Slam. But it's very difficult obviously because, you know, most of the tournaments nowadays are controlled by different associations, federations, and it's kind of difficult to find common sense.  You know, because we are using the Penn balls, ATP balls in most of the ATP tournaments we're playing.  In Grand Slams we're using different ones. It takes time for us to adjust to it.


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