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Kuerten Signs Five-Year Endorsement Contract with Lacoste







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Lacoste has entered into a five-year arrangement with Gustavo Kuerten to serve as an ambassador for the brand. As such, he will first be featured in an advertising campaign called “Unconventional Chic.”

Renowned for his impressive tennis career, Kuerten – also known as Guga - shares with Lacoste a very special link with French Open or “Roland Garros”. The Paris stadium was built in the 1920s to welcome the Davis Cup won by the Four Musketeers including René Lacoste, the founder of the brand. Years after, Gustavo Kuerten won the prestigious French Open three times, in 1997, 2000 and 2001 and established a strong relationship with the audience by drawing a heart on the clay court after his last victory.

Beside his tennis career, he is also very committed to various charity actions. In 2000, he founded the Guga Kuerten Institute whose goal is to help disabled and disadvantaged children by practicing sport. In 2001 he was awarded with the UNESCO youth and citizenship prize for his off-court work. In 2004, Guga also won the prestigious “Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award,” for his work with the Guga Kuerten Institute.

Relying on its authentic sporting roots, LACOSTE is represented today by more than a hundred tennis and golf champions from over 20 different countries.


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