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Williams is Without a Mixed Doubles Partner for Wimbledon and The Olympics







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Bob Bryan still has his hopes of playing Olympic mixed doubles with Serena Williams despite the high-profile pair losing in the first round of the event at the French Open.

The doubles ace accepted the invitation to play from the Serena camp through his own agent before the Roland Garros start and said he was considering the proposal something of a trial run for a possible London Games partnership.

But he added: "I didnít have any expectations, and Iím not sure if it means weíll play at the Olympics. This is probably my tryout. but I told her if we donít pan out, (twin brother) Mikeís your guy, hopefully keep it in the family.

"A lot of people see Serena as the easiest way to a medal. Iím happy to play with her, but Iím not going to grovel or get on my knees. Iím excited that thereís mixed at the Olympics, and another chance for a medal."

Williams had only a brief stay in Paris, losing in the first round in both singles and the mixed. She has been sparking speculation about her Olympic intentions, proposing a partnership with Andy Roddick months ago but apparently never following through. When Roddick lost early, he put out the word: "If anyone sees her, ask for me."


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