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Williams Could be Playing in Her Final Wimbledon







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Venus Williams, who turned 32 at the weekend, could be playing in her last Wimbledon, according to American television commentator and former player Pam Shriver. The ESPN talker said that with the auto-immune condition which affects Venus, playing tennis at the top level is now a huge strain on her body.

"Will this be her last Wimbledon? Probably," said Shriver. "Itís not just the age, but the auto-immune condition that has been affecting her. With a condition like that, the symptoms tend to get worst when youíre under a lot of stress, and the second week of a Grand Slam is very stressful."

Shriver can see the end for the five-time Wimbledon winner, who claimed her last title at the All England club in 2008 after a span of nine editions. .

"Four years is a long time when youíre in your thirties," said the 50-something Shriver. "She was the best grass-court player of generation Ė she wasnít a better all-round player than her sister Serena, just the better grass-court player.

"If she can get the big serve going she can on a run. But I donít think itís going to be easy. And with every Wimbledon that goes by when she doesnít win the title, it gets even harder for her the next time.Ē


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