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Williams Will Work With Mouratoglou At The US Open







2012 Daily Tennis News Wire -
Serena Williams says that Patrick Mouratoglou will work with her at the upcoming US Open. Williams is quite pleased with the work that France's Patrick Mouratoglou has done with her.

She began working with the Frenchman just after Roland Garros and she hasn't lost a match since then. After winning the Olympic gold medal she went to Paris and worked out at his academy, even though he wasn't there as he was traveling with Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov.

Her parents, Richard and Oracene, and Sasha Bijan, who is also her hitting partner, also coach Serena.

"He actually is Grigor's coach, so whenever Grigor doesn't use him or like if there is a combined tournament we use him together," she said. 

"So that's why he'll be at the Open.  I know he's traveling with Grigor after the Open. Hopefully maybe he'll come to Turkey [the WTA Championships] if Grigor is not playing."


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