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Nadal May Not Play Madrid







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Rafael Nadalís uncle and coach Toni is unsure whether his nephew will return to play the Madrid Masters Series next May, even though itís in their home country of Spain and itís a mandatory event on the ATP Tour.

Earlier this year, both Nadals complained about the speed of the court on the blue clay, saying it was treacherous. Toni Nadal said that they would never play there again unless the surface was changed.

Later this year, the ATP told Madrid tournament owner Ion Tiriac that he would have to change the color of the clay back to the traditional red, but that doesn't seem to have convinced Toni that itís the right tournament for Rafa.

ďI do not know,Ē Toni told when asked whether they would return for the 2013 edition of the tournament. ďAnyway, the decision was entirely up to the ATP, not that [Tiriac] wanted to change the color of the court. This man may have the audacity or the idea of doing what he wants, but the ATP Tour should monitor and give permission to one option or another. I don't like the blue clay, but regardless of the bad conditions, it was unfeasible to use it. There is already a problem having this tournament in Madrid because of the altitude, because it isnít similar to other Roland Garros warm-up tournaments and itís a different type of game in the middle of the clay court season.Ē

Toni Nadal also complained that the weight of the ball is different there than at other tournaments and believes that it should be similar at all clay court events.

ďThe ATP talks to clay court tournament organizers about unifying the [weight] ball and having similar conditions,Ē he said. ďAnd then, suddenly, you changed the whole concept of the game. On that surface. The game is completely different. And I will say it again: it was the failure of the ATP is to give [Tiriac] permission, not of the owner who has the right to promote whatever he wants.Ē


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