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Roddick May Be Off The Tour, But He Hasnít Lost His Touch







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Andy Roddick has again made a mockery of his recent retirement after beating his second top 20 opponent since quitting the game on his 30th birthday last August. The American stopped world No. 3 Andy Murray, 6-2, 6-3. in straight sets at a Miami weekend exhibition.

The win, which counts only for pride of course, follows on from Roddick's defeat of Canadian No. 15 Milos Raonic in similar circumstances last month in Montreal.

Murray uses Miami as a training base while Roddick grew up in South Florida before moving to Texas. Roddick, who now revels in touting his lack of conditioning and minor weight gain after stopping his ATP career relatively early, joked:

"If we had gone three sets I would've had a full body cramp and it would've been awkward for all of you," he told the crowd at Crandon park, site of the Miami Masters in March, "There's no comeback for me, Andy was nice to me tonight."

Roddick has frequently cited his new lifestyle, which consists of round of golf and the intake of the carbs which have given him a pair of extra kilos.

"I don't miss the travel at all," he said. "It's nice coming here and seeing familiar faces. I still enjoy hitting tennis balls, but I haven't lost that part of it. I haven't lost any of the innocent parts of tennis. I just do it in front of less people."

Murray barely noticed that he was playing an ex-rival. "He still hits the ball very well. It was only a few months ago he was making a decent run at the US Open."



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