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Fognini Has Had Recent Change of Behavior







Fabio Fognini's behavior seems to have taken a dive along with the clay-court form which a year ago took him to consecutive European titles on the ATP. But instead of defending his trophies earned in 2013 at Stuttgart and Hamburg, the No. 15 looks set for a ranking drop.

Fognini lost last weekend in the Stuttgart semi-finals, hinting on Twitter than something unspecified in his personal life might be bothering him. After carrying on to Hamburg this week, his luck didn't change.

The title holder instead crashed out in the second round to Serbian qualifier Filipo Krajinovic. with the Italian calling his opponent a "zingaro" (gypsy) in defeat. While the word is hardly an insult in Italian, political correctness took over, with shock and outrage the rule of the moment among delicate English speakers on social media.

It got so hot that the flippant and entertaining Fognini had to apologize in Italian on Twitter just to calm the faux storm: I did not mean to offend anyone, I REPEAT: I was wrong! I know Filip very well and anyone who does sport knows that sometimes it goes beyond, saying nonsense (see the football).

Fognini has been in the disciplinary spotlight recently, drawing a healthy $27,000 fine at Wimbledon and adding to his reputation as a bad boy by artfully cracking a racquet with his foot after a 6-4, 6-0 loss to the 149th-ranked Krajinovic.


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