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Murray’s Mom Reveals Family Secrets








Chatterbox Judy Murray has revealed that her son Andy is the most noticeably messy of her pair of tennis champion offspring, with the British Fed Cup captain revealing all the dirty details to BBC Scotland.

"Andy has got the smelliest feet and he's very untidy, and Jamie (a year older) is tidy," said the tell-all parent. "They are so different from each other in so many ways."

While she was spilling family secrets, mum Murray also detailed a fight in their younger years between her sons which left one of Andy's fingernails heavily damaged; Judy Murray called it. "a wobbly, horrible looking nail."

While happily spilling the beans on her sons, Judy was less forthcoming about her possible appearance as a future contestant on Britain's well-rating Dancing With the Stars competition, which pairs celebrities with professional dancers for a season-long dance-off.

The 54-year-old's people are said to be negotiating with producers over the hefty fee which Murray will obviously demand to appear on the ballroom dancing show. All will be revealed in the autumn when the latest iteration of the show returns to the BBC.

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